Habits Make the Difference. Ten Motivational Quotes

Habits are Mechanism that Help us to Change in Order to Develop Functional Behaviors Aligned with the Accomplishment of our Goals and of Ourselves. They are “Adjustments” along the Way, but we often Dismiss these small Changes because they Don’t Seem to Matter in the Present Moment. 

Making a Choice that is 1% Better or 1% Worse Seems Insignificant in the Moment, but over the Hundreds of Moments that 1% have Generated a Lifetime Determining the Difference between Who we Are are and Who we Could Be: Habits are not about Having Something. They are about Becoming that Someone that we have Wanted to Become.

Here Ten Motivational Quotes to Start and to Stay on Track:

“Little by Little a Little Becomes a Lot.”

Tanzanian Proverb 

“If you Believe you Can Change if you Make it a Habit the Change Becomes Real.”

Charles Duhigg

“Habits, Scientists Say, Emerge because the Brain is Constantly Looking for Ways to Save Effort.”

Charles Duhigg

Nothing is so Fatiguing as the Eternal Hanging on of an Uncompleted Task.” 

William James

“Habit Change into Character.”


“Our Character is basically a Composite of our Habits. Because they are Consistent, often Unconscious Patterns, they Constantly, Daily, Express our Character.”

Stephen Covey

“Procrastination is the bad Habit of putting off until the Day after Tomorrow what Should have been Done the day Before Yesterday.”

Napoleon Hill

“Motivation is what Gets you Started. Habit is what Keeps you Going.”

Jim Rohn

“Habits + Deliberate Practice = Mastery.”

James Clear 

“We are what we Repeatedly Do. Excellence then is not an Act but a Habit.”


Author: Cristina Capucci 

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