Grounding: an Important Activity that Should Be Practiced Everyday

What Does it Mean Grounding? 

In a Wide Sense Grounding Means to Practice Activities Useful to Be even more Consciously Connected to our Energetic Structure, our Body, our Breath, to Mother Earth and her Supportive Power/Energies, in Order to Enforce our State of Well-Being, our Inner Compass, our Meanings, to Find and to Pursue our Purposes, to Set our Goals and/or to Be more Aware of Ourselves and our Life Directions/Flow.

According to Ancient Traditions, Bioenergetic Studies and also recent Scientific Researches about BioMagnetic Fields, Connecting Directly to the Earth and to our Body are Two of the Quickest Ways to Bring the Root Chakra (Muladhara) Energized and into Balance. 

In the Western Society the Concept of Grounding has been Changing through Time, Influenced by our Traditions and by the Divulging of Eastern Teachings such as Vedic Knowledges, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Practices.

Bioenergetic Analysis (that is Representative of our Western Culture) is still an Active School and Source of Knowledge in Continuous Development, that Works as “Bridge” between Western Official Medicine/Psychotherapy, Ancient Eastern Traditions and a “New Age” (and sometimes too much Evanescent) Approaches to the Existence, and it has been Capabled to Assimilate and to Translate the Body Energy Functionings, Language and the Postulates of other Schools into Simple Daily Practices that Promote a Healthy Lifestyles.  

BioEnergetic Recognizes the Value of Self-Awareness, State of Presence Physical and Mental, our Correct Breathing Capability and the Life Force able to Flow through our Energetic Centers to Explain the Personal Dynamics, our Values and our Cognitive Approach to Life and in a Wider Sense the Determination of a Congruent Outer World/Socio Cultural Environment to which We are Connected BioMagnetically and Throughout our Direct Interactions and by which we are Influenced in the same Ways.

The Key for a Healthy Root Chakra and to maintain a PsychoPhysical Well-Being is this: to Root.

More we are Rooted and more we Feel Grounded, Earthed, at Safe, Centered, Preset to Ourselves, Active, Motivated and Balanced.

Through the Power of Visualizations, Meditations, Simple Breathing Exercises, a moderate Aerobic Activity (such as for Example Bioenergetics Exercises or a Simple Daily Walk into the Nature) and a Deep Contact with the Earth (a Earthing/Barefoot Activity) it is Possible to Develop more Centering, Awareness and Stability.

Furthermore, Becoming more Centered, we also Become even more able to Connect our Heart Chakra with the External Environment, Sending Messages Throughout our Heart’s Magnetic Field, which Acts as a Connector and a Communicator Device with the Mother Earth’s Magnetic Field.

Why is it so Fundamental to be Rooted and to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle that Nourish Harmoniously our First Chakra? 

While a Balanced Root Chakra Gives us Stability and a Sense of Gratitude and Genuine Trust in Life, we Could Be always Called to Face Issues about Basic Survival. Even if we have Cleared and Solidified our Right to Be Here, Now and to Exist, we might still Struggle with something related to that “Right to Exist”, the “Right to Have” and the “Right to Belong”. 

Think about How many New Ages Philosophies are Transfiguring the Right to Belong to our Planet Earth, injecting the Imaginary Need to Belong to other Galaxies or other Philosophies Glorify a Forced Humble Lifestyle in Order to Develop a “More Spiritual” Personality/Ego (We All are already Spiritual Beings and our Lifestyle is just a Consequence of Personal Choices).

In this case, even if we Objectively have Access to Certainties, Comforts, Food, Money and Material Pleasures we might Find it Hard to Let Ourselves to Experience the Sense of “Right to Have” those Things, Depriving us of the Simple Joy of Be Who we Are, How We Are and What we Want to Experience in a Given Moment of our Life.

“When you Focus on a Chakra, it’s very Easy to Bring Subtle Physical Energies into your Consciousness. “ Frederick Lenz

How Bring Life Force to our First Chakra in order to Be more Rooted?

Here are some Suggestions you can easily Practice in your Daily Life/Routine: 

Practice Mindfulness Meditation. The Grounding Effect of Mindfulness Meditation is to Reconnect with that felt Sense of Stability that Resides in Each of us. When we Feel that we are not Being pulled to and from by the Circumstances of our Life, we can Live our Daily Life with Greater Clarity and Wisdom.

Practice Conscious Breathing and Heart-Centered Breathing. Breathing is Essential for our Life. Inhaling we bring Oxigen and Life Force to our Brain, Internal Organs and Muscles, Through Specific Exercises of Breathing we can Experience a Profound Sense of Centering and Grounding.

Practice your Favorite Moderate Aerobic Activity, Bioenergetic Exercises, Stretching or Yoga. Physical Exercise helps to Focus and Connect with our Physical Body while Revitalizing our Organism and Expending Excess Energy at the same Time.

Take a Daily Walk in the Nature. Scientific Studies conducted by Research Institutes and Universities, Researchers found that Walking regularly, overall in the Nature, have Wonderful Effects on People’s Mood, Sense of Grounding, Stress Relief, Focus, Productivity and General Wellbeing.

Practice Barefoot or Earthing. Human Beings are Designed to Walk Barefoot. From an Anthropological Viewpoint, the Physics of how we Walk, and our Posture are Based on Being Barefoot. Going Barefoot more as Possible at Direct Contact with the Soil allows the Bones of the Foot to Spread out, thereby Stretching the Muscles of the Foot gaining in Stability and in a Better Posture, and Absorb Electrons from the Earth.

When you are Grounded you Should Feel more

Calm, Peaceful, Present and Focused

More Confident and Optimistic toward Life Situations and People

Aware of your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual State of Wellness

Aware of your Physical Posture and Body Language and your Personal Levels of Energy Available to Invest in your Daily Activities

Rested after only few Hours of Sleep 

More Energetic, Motivated and Pro-Active

It also Possible that you could see the Colors all around you more Vivid and Feel a “Tangible” Sense of Energetic Connection with the Environment and to see the Aura (Electromagnetic Field) all around all the Objects, Plants, Flowers or People that you Observe.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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