Go with the Flow. Evolve within your Lifetime

Parts of the vast Ganges delta, in fact the world’s largest, lie in both Bangladesh and the State of West Bengal, India as seen by NASA’s EarthKAM.


“Let your Ears Hear whatever they want to Hear; let your Eyes See whatever they want to See; let your Mind Think whatever it Wants to Think; let your Lungs Breathe in their own Rhythm. Do not Expect any Special Result, for in this Wordless and Idealess state, where can there be Past or Future, and where any notion of Purpose?” Alan Watts

“Trying to define Yourself is like trying to Bite your own Teeth.” Alan Watts


There is a Strong Force at work that Could Influence our Lives. This Force is the Deep Awareness of our Role as Co-Creator of the Reality. We all have an Important Gift to offer the World: this is our True Essence.

More We are Connected with our Being and more our Soul is able to Create and Flow in the River of Existence.

This it Means to Answer to “the Calling”. This Calling is what Makes us Feel totally Alive, Energetic, Inspired and Happy .

The Life needs Us and It Wants and Needs Us to Play our Best Role in the Existence. Changes are not Facultative, Improvement is Necessary, Evolution is the Reason why We Are Here and Alive.


Author: Cristina Capucci

Image Credit: www.nasa.gov

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