Five Minutes of Gratitude Meditation

A Deep Emotion of Gratitude takes Thankfulness to a Higher Level by adding a Profound Sense of Recognition for Whatever it is that you are Thankful for. 

True, Authentic Gratitude Enables you appreciate and Acknowledge all people, Circumstances and Things in your Life in the Present Moment.

Consider Starting each Day with Gratitude. Gratitude Meditation will make You more Aware about all that you should to be Thankful for,  Offering a more Positive Perspective to your Daily Life. Start this Practice Today!

Five Minutes of Gratitude Meditation

EveyMorning and/or Every Evening take your Time to be Thankful and to Meditate about Gratitude.

  1. Make a list of at least 5 issues you are Really Grateful for and write them on a Journal.
  2. Then, close your Eyes and bring Your Hands Clasped in front your Heart Chakra. Breathe Slowly and Just Stay. 
  3. For Each Issue Take around one Minute or more to Feel the Emotion of Gratitude profoundly in your Heart.
  4. Imagine Having every Point of your Gratitude List in front of your Eyes and Visualize a Flow of Light from the Universe that gently Light up your Issue as a Blessing.

Gratitude is one of the Highest Emotions Experienced in the Human Heart that can Open the Doors toward New Consciousness Evolutions

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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