Five Minutes Mindfulness Visualization to Action a Positive Response to Stress

Learn to Be Kind and Careful toward yourself: Mindfulness is Empowering Lifestyle that can Help us to Develop a Kind and Compassionate Behavior not only toward others, but also toward ourselves. Learn to be more Lovely and Caring toward ourselves and in a Open Listening of our Levels of Wellbeing and Needs is one of the aim of a Proper Mindful Practice.

Stress is an Ordinary Effect that Unpleasant Events, Real or Imagined, have on the our Physical and Mental States. Nowadays Stress seems to be an Increasing Problem all around the World. However, it has always been defined a “Normal and Acceptable” Fact of Life, an Integrated Different Energy Flow into the Biorhythm that Exists to be Listened as a Control Dispositive.

Actioning a Positive Response to a Stressor Agents Can Be very Motivating and Challenging to Adopt New and Functional Habits.

To Support the whole Biological and Energetic System and to have a Positive Response to Stress, it is a Good Habit Visualize ourselves in a Perfect and Vibrant State of Wellness. In Fact our Beliefs Can Operate both in Positive or in Negative Way. To Choose Empowering, Positive and Coherent Beliefs Can Help, not only our Mind, but also our Biological System to Active our Natural Capabilities of Self-Healing.

Here is a Simple Exercise of Mindful Visualization that you can Practice Everywhere, with Regularity and Whenever you Need:

  • Sit Comfortable, Close your Eyes and Take 10 Deep Breaths through the Noses to be more Connected, Relaxed and Open to Receive the Beneficial Effect of this Powerful Visualization
  • Bring both your Hands up to your Heart Chakra. Simply Stay for a While. Feel Connected with a Powerful Universal Benefical Force that Arrives from the Universe

  • Visualize your Body Surrounded by a Pure, White Light that arrive from the Universe and Entering from your Crown Chakra at the Top of your Head it Arrives to your Heart, Calming its Rhythm, and Affecting into your Body through your Energy Meridians
  • Affirm your State of Connection, of Good Health and of Improved Vitality (How we Communicate to our Body can radically Improve our state of Wellbeing Reprogramming the Informations Contained in our Electromagnetic Fields and Cells)
  • Visualize a Pure, White Light Reaching into every Cell of your Body, Empowering every Molecule of DNA, Charging your ElectroMagnetic Fields around your Organs of Renewed Energy and Filling you whole System of “Perfect Health Beliefs”. Feel the “Perfect Health” Flowing through You, and Expresses a Feeling of Unconditional Love to yourself. Stay and Meditate for one Minute (or more) in this Deep State of Connection and Intimacy with Yourself and the Universal Force
  • Visualize yourself Joyful, Refilled of Energy, and in Perfect Health
  • Enjoy the Healing, Nurturing, White Light for as long as you Wish. When you Feel Ready, take a few Slow, deep Breaths and Open your Eyes.

This is a very simple but Effective Visualization to Practice Everyday or when you are Feeling Stressed, Tired or Run-Down. It is Functional to Revitalize, Restores, and Nurtures every Cell of the the Body and the Electro-Magnetic Fields around the Organs and the Body.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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