Five Minutes Meditation to take under Control your Energy  Levels

Usually a Lack of Productivity can be Generated by a Low Amount of Energy or by some PsychoPhysical Unbalances that can Lower our Spirit of Motivation and Keeping our Goals Mentally far from our Focus.

Natural Life Force Energy is an Universal Energy that Flows through all Living Things. It sustains and nourishes our Bodies and it can be used to support and increase the Body’s natural Self-Healing  Capabilities and its Flowing in our Body influences the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness.

Life Force Energy can be used to Boost our Physical Vitality and Energy Levels and to Empower our Physical and Mental Performances, but also to Support us and Restore us on the Emotional and Psychological Levels as Well.

5 Minutes Meditation to “Visualize”  Your Levels of Energy.

This is a very Useful Tool to Keep your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Energy Monitored Intuitively.

Imagine your Body Divided in Two Parts: From the 1st to 4th Chakra is the Lower Area of Your Body, and from your 4th to 7th Chakra is the Upper Part of your Body.

Now Close your Eyes and Give a Score of Energy for 1 to 10 that You “Feel” in the Lower Area and a Score from 1 to 10 of Amount of Energy that you “Feel” in your Upper Area.

It Could Be 3/7 6/4 2/8 or 7/3 etc. Consider that the Best Balance should Be 5/5.

If the Amount of Energy of your Lower Chakras Energy is Inferior than the Amount in your Superior Chakras You need to Empower your Physical Energy with the right Food, Trainings, Walking etc

If the Superior Chakras Energy is Inferior of your Lower Chakras Area you Need to Empower your Mind and Your Spirituality, for Example Calming down, Relaxing, Reading a Book or Meditating.

Don’t Be merely Busy. Be Effectively Productive!

Author: Cristina Capucci

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