Find Time to Relax. Five Minutes of Breathing Relaxation Exercise

There are many ways to Relax but unfortunately so much of what we do to Relax has the Opposite side Effect or we Spend the Time for Relax to Focus on the Activities and the Duties of the following Days!

Think about what Do you Do to really Find your Calm and Relaxation at the end of a Day at Work?

Most People immediately Cook and Eat Quickly, go on Sofa to watch Television or to Play Video Games, interact on Social Medias, but doing so they Overstimulate the Sympathetic Nervous System (activating the Fight-or-Flight Response) Responsible of Stress.

Relaxation doesn’t have to take up Lots of your Time. It Needs just the time “to Communicate to your Organism” that it is the Time to Step away from Something Stressful. Relaxation just Involve the Time to Refresh the Mind for a few Minutes, Taking time Away from Normal Routines or “Mental Routines” and Thoughts, Giving you enough Space and Distance to Feel Calmer.

The most Quick and Effective Modality to Relax is Stimulating the Vagus Nerve. The Vague Nerve is the most important Nerve of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, that links the Brain to the Heart, Lungs, and Gut.
When Vagus Nerve is Stimulated properly also Emotional Processing changes and we find a State of Coherence, counteracting the Sympathetic Nervous System and Releasing an array of Anti-Stress Enzymes and Hormones such as Acetylcholine, Oxytocin, Prolactin and Vasopressin.

One of the Best Practices for Stimulating the Vagus Nerve is a deep Diaphragmatic Breathing (for Example the Breathwork Technique). Typi­cally, during the Day, we don’t control this part of our Nervous System, because we Breathe Unconsciously and Automatically but with just 5 or 10 Minutes of deep Continuous (without Pauses between Inhalation and Expiration) Diaphragmatic Breathing the Vagus Nerve is Stimulated bringing Peace to the Body and Mind and Harmonizing the Heart Rate and the Blood Pressure.

Also the Mood will Improve. Just Try! Just Breathe!

The Breathing Relaxation Exercise

  1. Lie Down on a Yoga Mat on you Back in a room that is relatively quiet. Close the door and switch off the phone (or put it in airplane mode) for Five Minutes.
    If You find this position Uncomfortable, raise your Knees with your Feet on the Floor.
  2. Place your Hands on your Belly to check the properly Diaphragmatic Movement (overall the First Times you Practice this Exercise)
  3. Now Try to Breathe in and out slowly(without Pauses between Inhalation and Expiration) through the Nose, making your Hands rise and fall with your Belly. During the Inhalation the Belly rises and during the Exhalation the Belly falls.
  4. The “Effort” is when you Breathe in (you have to Inhale a big quantity of Air and opening your Shoulders a little bit) while when you Breathe out you just have to let go the Air naturally.
  5. Breathe in this Modality for 5 (or 10 Minutes at most) and spend other two Minutes Lied Down, breathing normally, to Enjoy the Relaxation Effect.

After this Exercise you can also drink a Relaxing Warm Herbal Infusion to optimize the Sense of Calm and Inner Peace.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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