Find the Mental Freedom to Feel more Self Confident and Motivated

Endless pressure at work and everyday troublesome life situations in the long run can hamper our flexibility, inner joy and sense of vitality. A worsen factor can be also daily routines without challenging goals where our perseverance is not enough to keep our sense of fulfillment and the spark of our motivation turned on with the consequence that we can feel even more faded and mentally blocked or exhausted.

If you are experiencing one of these slack situations or “symptoms” described above the most immediate step that you can undertake is to renew your sense of self confidence as you reboot your “operative system”.

Self-Confidence is a mental attitude that can help to manage fears, stress and life’s challenges with more certainty and maintain a fresh and positive mindset. Self-confidence has a strategic importance in almost every aspect of the daily life and it should be nourished regularly. 

Two other subordinate factors contribute to self-confidence: self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Self-Efficacy refers to the individual’s ability to create desired effects. Self-efficacy helps to build personal beliefs able to produce a sense of inner force, freedom and fulfillment. It also influences choices, will, effort level, persistence, and following achievements.

Self-Esteem is the opinion that we have about ourselves and directly liked to the value that we attribute to our being, intentions, actions and effort. A real and sane self-esteem is always oriented to a concrete involvement in personal development.

Remember that confident people are secure enough of themself to admit one or more weaknesses. Consequently they know how to and to who ask for help in every circumstance they feel this need.

How to Build a sense of Balanced Self-Confidence, founded on an Effective Appreciation of the Reality?

Learn to Master your Mind

Our mind is a hight performance tool that can be conditioned at best for fulfillment and success. Creating a new state of mind you don’t have to wait for the moment of confidence to come with a good shot but you can create it in every moment!  

Just start improving your self-awareness and clarity. For example ask yourself: what are the thoughts that go through your mind related to your sense of confidence? How you feel in your skin? What could you do to feel better in the here and now? What I would like to change in my daily life?

Find time to create a positive state of mind and mental map with every circumstance that matters to you in the present moment. 

Don’t focus immediately on new big goals to achieve or important life changes. Just start mastering your mind to be more relaxed, appreciating what you’ve already achieved.

Look at What you’ve already Achieved and Focus on your Strength.

Don’t compare yourself to others, just find your path. 

Create your personal “achievement log” making a list of your most important achievements and active situations in your life the make you feel good as you are. 

Put this list (or more than one) into a document that you can read as habit and then spend a few minutes each week (for example each Sunday evening) enjoying the feelings of success you’ve already had then express gratitude for all the things and the level of success  that you already have in your life.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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