Evolutive Services


Coaching is a Methodology for Personal Development. It is a Dialogue in which the Coach Facilitates the Coachee, to Learn, Clarify Values, Release Potential and Increase Performance by Focusing on both Short and Log Term Goals to Achieve Success.


Reiki is a Natural Energetic Healing Technique for Energy Bodies and Chakra Rebalance, Stress Reduction and Relaxation that also promotes Awareness Empowerment and Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening. Everybody can Learn and Practice Reiki.


Breathwork is a Simple, Gentle yet Powerful Conscious Breathing Technique Useful to Resolve, Integrate and Heal Life Issues and to Create the Ground on which is Possible to Empower Health, Find Inner Peace, Improve Cognitive Abilities and Elevate Performances.


Meditation includes specific Techniques for Resting the Mind, Attaining State of Consciousness totally different from the normal Waking State and Experiencing the Center of our Consciousness. TheGoldTao Offers Mindfulness Meditation, Theta Meditation and Quantic Heart Meditation Experience. 

TheGoldTao Services
are Highly Synergistic
and Customizable
to Offer You an Unique
Evolutive Experience.

Coaching, Reiki, Breathwork and Meditation are Wonderful Tools to Facilitate Your Personal Path of Growth and to Improve Your Wellness, We Can Choose Together which is the Best Solution for Your Personal Exigences.  

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