Evolutive Coaching is an Intuitive Combination of Life, Mindfulness Coaching and Energetic Holistic Therapies.  One of the most Important AIM of Evolutive Coaching is to Individuate and Dissolve Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Resistances to Change and Progress/Evolve toward Life.

Evolutive Coaching is an Intuitive Combination of Life and Mindfulness Coaching and Energetic Holistic Therapies as such as Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM), Reiki Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork, Art Therapy, Trance Dance, Guided Meditations and Visualizations, and Mind Mapping.

As in traditional Life Coaching, Evolutive Coaching helps to Bridge the Gap between what a Person says they Want to Be and Where they actually Do along their Life Path and as in Life Coaching, to Individuate the Client Needs and Functional Goals is a Fundamental Step during the first Consultations. To take the Decision and Responsibility to Evolve is the Main Fixed Goal of every Coaching Path freely decided by the Coachee (the Client).

One of the most Integral Objectives of Evolutive Coaching is to Individuate and Dissolve Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Resistances to Change and Progress/Evolve toward Life from an Integral point of View.

Deep Transformations almost always Requires a Profound Listening and Preparation: this is the Reason why in Evolutive Coaching every Consultation is highly Prepared and Personalized in Advance according to the Individual Needs and Goals.  


The Evolutive Coach makes these Transformational Changes possible when the Client:

– Decides to be Free from Identifications with the Past staying Fully, Authentically and Spontaneously Present in every Moment in a Heart-Centered Modality (the Fundamental Transformative Asset of this Coaching Support) 

– Maintains Clarity, basing his/her daily Choices on the Listening of his/her own Inner Compass, Peaceful Intents and Love, rather than Fear

– Has the Will to Identify and Use Positive Energy instead of Negative Energy

– Makes Choice for him/herself in full Autonomy and Integrity

– Decides to Let Flow the Soul Highest Intents during each Consultation

– Accepts him/herself for who he/she is, acknowledging the Desire of continuing Growth

– Freely Express Emotions as a Healthy Release

– Nourishes Trust and Respect toward the Evolutive Coach as Solid Ground for a possible Transformation

– Has the Will to Inform the Evolutive Coach about the Progresses (or Eventual Problems) during the Period of the Coaching Consultations.

The Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM)

Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM) is a Meditative Technique (that includes Guided Meditations, Visualizations and Heart Energetic Rebalances through BioPhotonic Energy or Reiki Energy, and Breathwork Exercises) that I have Ideated (in the 2011 with successive Implementations) to Generate Coherence Psychophysical States, Empower the Inner Listening, to Coordinate the Human Heart to the Brain Functioning and a Coherent Emission of Information, and Intentionally Ground our Human Frequencies to the Earth Frequencies.

Primarily I utilize this Meditation as Fundamental Tool during Evolutive Coaching Sessions. It can be classified as a Transcendental Meditation Inspired to Mindfulness, Native American Traditions and the Modern Neurosciences Researches.

This Meditation permits to work on all the Four Humanitarian’s Domain of Resilience and It Favors:

– the Experience of Deep Relaxation States

– the Release of Physical, Mental and Emotional Blocks

– our whole System to Enter in a State of Coherence

– the Increase of Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

– the Release of non-functional Memories from our Human Heart Electro-Magnetic Field (HEMF) and to Open our Consciousness to a States of Spiritual Unconditional Love and Compassion toward All that it is, Perceiving a sense of Safe Connection between us, the World and the Planet

– our Consciousness to Experience Higher Emotional States, to Connect our Conscious to our Higher Intentions and Visions, and the Enhance of our Intuitive Abilities

– the Experience of Humanistic, Systemic and Holistic States of Consciousness (according to the Spiral Dynamic Model by Clare W. Graves)

– the Experience of Natural, Safe and Balanced Shamanic States of non-Ordinary Consciousness and Comprehensions.

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