“Everything in Moderation, including Moderation.” Oscar Wilde

To Find a Sense of Purpose, Living with Purpose and Involved to Manifest our Values means becoming Involved in in what is Meaningful to us. Purpose is the Fuel to Achieve more Happines and Motivation in Life and as in a Positive Circle, Happiness and Motivation will bring more Purpose in our Life. 

Learning to Live our Purpose is a Great Spiritual Exercise, and an “Inside” Job:  It requires to Recognize our Authentic Needs and Desires and Cross Step by Step the Line of our Limiting Beliefs about how your Life Should Be According to the Past Experiences, Fixed Rules or a Stuck Mindset.

According to Buddhism, this Mindset is called “Middle Way”: “the Middle Way” is the Practice to Create a Solid Compass to Track the Direction of our Lives toward Happiness as Spiritual Beings in a Material World. The Main Guide Line Suggests: Practice Everything in Moderation: 

Exercise, Study, Diet, Sleep, Improvement, Work, Hobbies, Free Time, etc.

Learning “to Stay” in the Middle Way Requires a Profound Trust in Life and in our Inner Voice. It is the Middle Way between Unity and Detachment with the outer World in the Act of Flowing toward Life Experiences. It is Like Learning to Swim, Everyday.

Live a Step at Time and Savor every Moment, Fill every Action with Love and Commitment in Order of Being Able to have a Balanced and Fulfilled Lifestyle Brimming with Joy and Unconditional Happiness.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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