Earthing and the Powerful Benefits of Reconnecting Directly to the Earth’s Surface

Earthing and the Powerful Benefits of Reconnecting Directly to the Earth’s Surface.

Emerging Scientific Researches then Transfered in the Field of Energetic Holistic Therapies have Observed that the Reconnection with the Earth’s Electrons Promotes Physiological Changes and Subjective reports of Well-Being. Earthing (or Grounding) refers to the Discovery of many Benefits Including Better Sleep, a Reduction of Stress and Anxiety, Productoon of Antioxidants and it Prevents Chronic Inflammation in the Body.

Furthermore, it has been Observed that Earthing Changes HRV (Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygenation, Skin Conductance and that these Effects are induced during and after Earthing for Forty Minutes. (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2010; 1; p 81–87).

The Earth Works like a Gigantic Electric Circuit and Conductor. Its Electromagnetic Field Surrounds and Protects all Living Beings and Things with its Natural Frequency Pulsation of 7.83 Hertz on Average, the “Schumann Resonance,” named like the physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, who Predicted it Mathematically in 1952. This Frequency Flows in the Cavity Bounded by the Earth’s Surface and the Ionosphere, Surrounding the Earth at a Distance of about 60 miles. This Distance is Filled with an Electrical Tension Created by the Clashing of the Ionosphere, which is Positively Charged by the Sun, and the Earth’s Surface, which Carries a Negative Charge. These Elements works in Coordination Generating the Earth’s Pulse or Heartbeat.

Grounding Happens Naturally without Effort when any Part of your Physical Body is in direct Contact with the Earth’s Surface. 

Think Walking Barefoot on the Grass or on the Sand, Swimming in a River or in the Ocean, Gardening with the Hands in the Soil, Hugging a Tree, etc. Grounding is a Natural Consequence of our Time spent in Nature Given that our Planet is Alive and Emits Constantly Electrical Energy that Maintains the Order of our own bodily Frequencies: the Natural Frequencies of the Earth works as Waves of Energy caused by the Motions of Subatomic Particles called Free Electrons that Enters in Resonance with our Frequencies keeping us Grounded also when we aren’t Aware of this Earth Potential.

Practically, the Earth Serves the Human Body as a Source of Energy similar to a Power Line Feeding Electrical Energy into Electrical Equipment and its Appliances. 

During the Earthing Practice the Skin must to be in Direct Contact with Rock, the Soil, Sand or the Water. Obviously, Walking outside Barefoot is the Easiest, Immediate and Cheapest Way to Ground ourselves Practicing Earthing but also to Immerse the Body in the Water (a River, a Lake, in the Ocean or into a Natural Source of Thermal Spring Water) is very Recharging for our Whole System.

Also Sleeping on the Ground is Highly Invigorating because to Earthing, we Cycle through various Brainwave States throughout the Night. Some Sports Teams even Sleep on the Ground the Night before a Big Event to Recharge their Players.

Nowadays, on the Market, there are a Variety of Earthing Products called  “Barefoot Substitutes.” They include Conductive Floors, Mats, Sheets, Desk Mats, Adhesive Patches, Soles, Grounded Shoes etc. Many of these items are now Commercially Available. Many Individuals who Live in in the Cities and in Apartments in the Cities could use the Electrical Ground Systems in their Spaces for Earthing Regularly.

Part of any Healthy Lifestyle Should include Regular Connections with the Earth.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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