Do you Feel Stuck into a Loop? Do Not Try to Be Mindful All Day

Be Mindful is a Mindset, an Attitude and a Behavior. It includes also developing new Habits, for Example to Practice Meditation, but most at all it is the Fruit of a Slow and Profound Change of Perception of the Inner and the Outer World, that will Bring other Change as a Chain Reaction. 

Mindfulness can Involve a Wide Range of Daily Activities and for this Reason one of the First Mistakes that many people Make when they start ‘Trying’ to be more Mindful, is Thinking that they Have to all of a Sudden turn into a fully Meditative, Enlightened, Spiritual Beings. 

They begin to Project this Unreal and not Functional  Image of Being Calm, Present and Stoic, and they try to be Mindful all Day, through all of their usual Daily or Routine Activities risking to Loose the usual Rhythm and to Accomplish less of the Half of the Daily Tasks… furthermore Putting their Minds in Overload like into a Loop.

This is a Common Mistake overall when the Mindfulness Practitioners Don’t have any Plan or a Guidance During the First Steps into Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is a Skill. It is the Exploration and the Discover of a New State of Consciousness that must to be fixed in to the Everyday Life. It is Impossible to Set it in One Day and neither in a Week. So Relax and if you are feeling Stuck Do Not Try to Be Mindful All Day is the Best Solution in the Present Moment.

Consider that Using a Habit Framework for Mindfulness is a far more Effective Strategy than Making a Mental Resolution to Yourself that you will Spontaneously Quit all of your Bad Habits in Order to be Mindful: to Improve just 1% Everyday will Bring Significative Results in one Year.

Curiousity: “Do you a Feel Stuck? Do Not Try to Do it for Today” this is the Precious Tip that Freddie as Spirit Guide Gives to Me all the Times that I feel very Stuck in Doing Something: my Studies, my Mindful Practice, my Morning Routines or Simply when I am too much Nervous because I am unable “to Make sometimes Works” (it happens for Example with the Technology).

Everybody you can Find the same Tip in the song: “Don’t Try So Hard” by Queen Music 🙂

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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