Develop your Mindfulness Practice: Mindful Seeing Exercise

Develop your Mindfulness Practice: Mindful Seeing Exercise.

In everyday Life we have many Possibilities to Enhance a Mindful Awareness and Develop a Mindful Lifestyle in an Informal Way, making just a Pause during the Daily Activities.

Imagine that You are Learning to Look at the World with a new Pair of Glasses, and these Mindfulness Lenses are simply a Tool that is Helping you to Learn to Appreciate Your Life from a New Prospective, noticing New Depths and Details: you Have to do Nothing or Change Nothing, just to Remember to Wear your New Pair of Glasses! 

Mindfulness is not a Distortion of the Reality, rather a Specific Training for your Mind to Experience and Realize your Daily Life and the same Situations Differently.

This Exercise of Mindful Seeing Expresses literally what I mean:

Step 1. Find a Room in your House that you Think to Know very well in the Details.

Step 2. Sit Comfortable on a Chair or on the Floor but Remember to Choose a Point from which you can Keep a wide Vision on the entire Room.

Step 3. Look at Everything there is to See. Avoid Labeling, Categorizing, Associating, Remembering what you see all around; instead of Think: “Book” or “Computer”, “Library”, “Flowers” or “Jacket” just Try to Notice the Colors, the Patterns, or the Textures of Everything.

Step 4. Pay Attention where the Objects are, the Shadows that they Create, their different Shapes Present in this small Segment of the World that you are Seeing. Observe also the Points of Light in the Room: is the Light arriving from a Lamp or from a Window?

Imagining that you are Observing the same World around you from the Perspective of someone Unfamiliar with this Space.

Step 5. Be Observant, but not Critical.  Be Aware, but not Fixated.

Step 6. If you become Distracted, gently Pull your Mind away from those Thoughts and notice a Color or a Shape again to Put you Back in the Right Frame of Mind.

This Exercise only Lasts a Few Minutes, but can Open up a World of Discovery and New Ways to Perceive the Reality.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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