Develop a Critical Thinking Mindset: 4 Coaching Tips to Start

Strategic thinking is a mindset goal-oriented, structured, and focused ”on the future”: the solution.

We all think about the future on occasion, of course, but there is a tremendous difference between strategic thinking and daydreaming about what might be. Strategic thinking is about setting goals and developing long-range plans to reach those goals, plans based on careful analysis of internal and external environments and realities and on our actions and the actions of others.

Critical thinking involves thinking logically deeply and also creatively about finding a Solution. In terms of personal development it could mean to have clear the idea of where we want to be five years from now and to align what we do today to the vision into the future.

Strategic thinking sharpens our awareness of the world around us so that previously inexplicable events become intelligible.

How to Start to Develop a Strategic Thinking Mindset?

Here 4 coaching advices to reach this meaningful goals:

1. Always Ask Better Question in Front of any Situation and Think Deeper 

Don’t get cmfortable with the first idea or vision you get from the present situation. Questioning yourself forces you to think better and deeper and possibly come up with better strategies. Think deeper help you to create the highest, greatest possible visions for your life. 

2. Never stop Learning and Building new Skills

Lifelong learning is the first step to develop the skill you need or to become an outstanding performer in a discipline that you desire to master. In today’s fast world, if you don’t keep learning, you’re not standing still and you risk to fall behind. 

Begin a lifelong learning journey by focusing on your strengths, your interests and on new skills it’s a strategic way to improve yourself every day also improving your knowledge and your personal value. 

Moreover, scientists have warned that you need to keep your brain active mainly for two reasons:

  • Training your brain you avoid cognitive decay
  • You can develop your cognitive performance at any age and keep your neuronal pathway “evergreen”

3. Find your Strategic Intents

Follow your true purposes. Don’t imitate. Be original. Be you. Develop your uniqueness.

A person or a team with an obsession to win is focused to move beyond the current capabilities and this behavior moves himself/herself or the group members to develop more personal and unique resources to accomplish the goal and be even more competitive in terms of innovation. The need to be inventive or resourceful is a result of establishing stretch goals. 

4. Take your Time to Recharge

Periods of relax and healthy inactivity are essential not only for avoiding burnout, but for being more focused and empowered when you restart. Often strategic thinking skills flourish during break time, when the brain has a mental space to decompress, wander and envisage different outcomes. When you give yourself permission to get away from the duties for a while, you’ll come back at work sharper than before.

The real value in critical thinking isn’t just in generating idea, finding solutions or in making better decisions: it’s about creating your personal identity and lifestyle oriented toward an authentic personal development and an effective positive growth mindset. 

Author: Cristina Capucci

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