Creativity: a Precious Cognitive Process to Spark & Develop

Creativite Thinking is a Cognitive Process that involves our Mind (Conscious and Unconscious) and our Emotions. This Process usually can be described as an ‘unknown’ Inspiration followed by a Concrete Action.

Creativity is a Precious Resource in many Areas of our Lives. Not only Artists need Creativity to Be and Feel more Realized and Productive. In fact Creativeness is an innate Quality of Human Being ables to make us feel more Satisfied of our Outcomes, ables to Improve our Will and to Empower by itself new Creativeness.
Many Neuroscientists who recently study Creativity have found that Creativeness does not involve a single Brain region (Right Hemisphere) but they have noticed that during a Creative Effort the whole Brain is perfectly Orchestrated and Brain regions work as a team to get the Job Done, and many recruit Structures from both the left and right side of the Brain.

How to Be Creative influence our Lives and in which Occasions is Creativity an Important Skill?

Medium-Hight Level of Creativity have a Powerful impact of our Mood and are able to transform a Satisfied Mind in a Dynamic and Happy Mind defined also Hungry Mind. In Fact as observed in a Harvard Medical School Research, when People are in the Creative Flow State, they are meeting Challenges as they Create, and every time they’re Successful, the reward center in the Brain is activated and they get a little Burst of Dopamin.
Nowadays Creativeness and Creative Thinking is a Requested and Tested Skill in Recruiting Staff Analysis in Corporates, especially to select Executives and Leadership members where is central to Solving complex Problems, Developing new Strategies and Facilitating Innovation.

How to Awake our Sense of Inspiration and to Develop a higher Level of Creativity?

A High Level of Creativity can Be Innate or can be Stimulated and Developed as many of our Cognitive Processes, Working on our Conscious and Unconscious Mind Processes with Strategies of BrainStorming and/or with with the Support of Holistic Practices as Meditation, BreathWork, Visualization, Mantra etc, that works on Unconscious Thought Structures.
Nowadays many Leading Corporates have already Introduced Meditation and other Mindfulness Practices to their Employees to develop Creative Thinking (in Individuals and Teamworks) and to Sparks Inspiration, Collaboration and Innovation.
Author: Cristina Capucci 

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