Create Meanings Across States of Flow. How to Make the Rational Thinking Works at Best

Inside our Mind, in the Area of the Frontal Cortex we Develop Comprehensions that Make Sense of Things, Starting from Single Words until Specific Actions, Interactions, Contexts and Critical Situations. It Works Giving us Understanding according to Pre-Existing Connections (Metaprograms) and Beliefs that we Nourish during our Lives.

This Area Works in the Opposite Way of  our Imaginative Mind. It Limits our Thoughts and Beliefs until it has Proof that something that is Really Effective and Demonstrable. It is not open to Create Things out of Nothing. It Relies on Facts. When Life’s highest Goals are Purpose-Driven, and the Smaller Goals are Aligned with the Higher Goals, thanks to this Area the battle to access to the Flow State is Half-Won. 

The Result is the Accomplishment of Flow States in our Lives that we have Developed to become more Complex in two Ways: it Permits us to Become more Differentiated as Individuals, while we also become more Integrated and Rooted in our Reality and Environment.

In this State our Conscious Mind is Open to Receive new Information and to Accept it as it is if the Context is Congruent with the Informations that it Receive. It Does not Ask for Proof to Understand them. Our Subconscious Mind on the other hand will move ahead to Question what we have been Given. It will Look in the Existing Connections in its Records and it will Decide if it Fits in with your Theories of the Past. If it Does not fit it will block the the Flow State and the Unconscious interaction with the Environment that is transmitting the Information until it won’t Create further Functional inner Beliefs or Congruent Validations from the Environment.

What we are Thinking and Believing in the Flow State will Create what our Mind is Capable of and the more we Probe our Mind for Information the Deeper it can Go. 

If we are able to let Flow our Subconscious Mind we will Be Able to Think only of the Exact Moment we Are in. Our Conscious Mind will Be Open to the new Experiences and it will Be Stimulated by them. Every State of Anxiety Disappears as it would be Washed Away as by the Waves of the Sea.

Once that we have Learnt to Focus our Mind to Give full Attention to each Moment we are Completely in it, our Rationality is working at its Best and we are Able to Connect many “Dots” with a Sense of Certainty in our Mind Within the Present Moment, Bringing even more Balance between our Rational and Intuitive Mind. In the State of Pro-Active Presence every Information Acts upon it Immediately and we become Able to Reach our full Potential in whatever we are Doing.

Learning to Become Aware of our Thoughts Will Help us to Work more with the Conscious Mind. The more we are Focused the less we will Be Responding with Prerecorded Messages and Beliefs from the Past. As we Begin to Note the Negative Chatter that our Subconscious Mind is Sending, we can Replace it with New Positive Thoughts that our Conscious Mind will be Producing, almost Simultaneously.

Consequently, we will Learn to do Things with our Life that Before we never Thought Possible. Our Mind will be Open to New Possibilities and new Opportunities.

Two Exercise to Active Conscious States of Flow.

  • At the End of a Day, Taking a Notebook and a Pen, note Down all the Times in that Day when you Acted from your Subconscious Mind. Consider all the Moments that it happened during the Day and the Things you Do Habitually, Absentmindedly.

  • Spend Ten Minutes a Day for a Week Looking up at the Clouds in the Sky. If there are no Clouds you can try this Exercise at night looking at the Stars. Look Closely at the Clouds or Stars and Notice What Pictures you can See Forming. Then, Close your Eyes. Open them Again and Looking at the same Clouds or Stars allow your Mind to build Something Different. You can try all the Time that You Desire and you feel Inspired. Each Time Remember to See with a Blank Mind.

  • Learn to Sit in a Meditative State and Completely Let Go of the World Around and the Sense of Control. It will Help you to Flow into a Deeper Understanding of the Present Moment. It will Allow you to Seek Answers Way Beyond any you already Know or any you are Focused on as Repetitive Though.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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