Create a Change. Develop a Personal Life Philosophy

“You Cannot Step Twice into the Same River, In the same River we both Step and do not Step, we Are and Are Not.” Heraclitus.

We Cannot Live the Same Life Experience Twice because “Life is Flux” (in Greek, Panta Rhei or Panta Chorei according to Plato) and Everything Changes.

Heraclitus Supposed that the Authentic Nature of Life is the Flowing along Life Experiences and that the real Nature of Life is Change and to Block this Change means to Resist the Essence of our Existence. 

The Logos (World/Life Force) which Infuses all Things (but did not Create the Cosmos) Operates in a Natural Way as “Change” but Human Being for their Nature Tend to Resist this Natural Flow of Life and this isn’t neither Bad not Good.

“To the Logos all Things are Beautiful and Good and just, but Men have Supposed some Things to Be Unjust, others to Be Just.” Heraclitus

Our Choices Influence our Life Journey

We have Choices to Do about which Position we have to Listen, how and What to Think about determined Situations, and we Know that every Choice we Make will Influence and will Create a Change in the Flow of our Thoughts till to Influence our Whole Life.

We all have our Complexities a mix of Qualities and Skills to Know, Accept, Change and or Develop.

We all Arrive from Different Life Experiences as Affluent of a Same River, and the way we Relate to this Meet “Who Am I” will further Influence the Choices that we Will Make Walking our Path in Life.

Know Who you Are Is necessary to Flow at Best toward new Evolutions and New Mindsets.

Develop a Personal Philosophy of Life

Everyone has a Philosophy of Life, some are Weak and other are Stronger, but few of us have the Privilege to Observe and Puzzle out the Fine Points. We tend to Make it up as we go Along in our Spare Time. 

Experience is a Great Teacher, but we also Need to Reason about our Experiences in order to Extrapolate the Right “Juice”.

We Need to Think Critically, looking for Patterns and Putting Everything Together using our Personal and Functional Keys of Reading into the “Big Picture” to Make our Way Through Life. 

Understanding our own Philosophy can Help Prevent, Resolve, or Manage many Life Problems. Our Philosophies can also underlie the Problems we Experience, so we must Evaluate the Ideas we hold to Craft an Outlook that Works for us, not Against us. 

It is Possible to Change our Personal Beliefs in order to Work out a Problem and Lear to be more Open Minded and Flexible in Front of new Experiences.

Much of what’s been Written on the Human Evolution Subject over the Years certainly Falls into one or more of those Categories, but at its Heart, Philosophy examines the Questions we all Ask: What is a Good Life? What is Good? What is Life About? Why am I Here? How is my Life? Why and How should I Take the Right Actions? What is the Right and what is Wrong? These are not Simple and Immediate Questions to Answer, and there are no Easy or two Persons will Automatically Arrive at the same Answers, but we all have a Set of Operating Principles and Working Keys we Work from, whether or not we are Conscious of them and can use them as a Personal Philosophy.

We also have Thousands of Years of Thinking to Draw on is that many of History’s Wisest Minds have weighed in on these Subjects and there are also many Modern “Translations” and Personal Philosophies Written by many Successful Thinkers that can Work as Precious Insights and Guidelines ready to Apply. 

But Remember that Philosophy is also the Fruit of Personal Matter and that you can Be your own Philosopher too. 

Author: Cristina Capucci

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