Contemplation: a Meta-Cognitive Activity and a Mindfulness Practice

Thinking is a Mental Cognitive Activity aimed to a Broader Comprehension and it affirms the Existence of the Subjective Existence (Experience) in the Act of Reflection.

Thinking and Reflecting Create and Recreate the Sense of the Inner World and of the Outer World in a endless Mental Activity. 

In Relation of our Inner World, the Presence of Ourselves has no Existence apart from such Activity, and this Activity in turn is Traceable to the Creation of Meanings, Purposes, Goals, Culture, Knowledge and Observation and Interaction in the Social Environment. 

Through a Conscious Practice of Contemplation we can Focus and Develop our Capability of Thinking toward a Flow of Constructive Analysis and the Creation of the Outer World.

Contemplative Practice refers to a Particular form of Observation in which we Clarify and Make Manifest the Nature of Reality. Observing the Reality we are also Constructing it through a Deep Form of Understanding. This Phenomenon  is explained by Physics through the Constructal Law.

Contemplation is Classified as a Practice in the growing Field of Mindfulness, Mindfulness Coaching and other Meditative Disciplines, but also as a Science because classified as Meta-Cognitive Activity.

“What we Observe is not Nature in Itself but Nature Exposed to our Method of Questioning.” Werner Heisenberg

Contemplation Moves Transformation

Contemplation is able to Move a Deep Transformation into our Conscious and Subconscious Mind. In Fact through Contemplation Activity we are able to Penetrate the outer World through the Discovery and an Acquired Skill to Better Questioning about the Immediate Observed and Investigated Reality. It is a MetaCognitive Activity that helps us to Improve our Capability to Organize our Consciousness Creating States of Negentropy (Enhancement of our Psychic Energy invested Successfully in Goals Achievement).

Through Contemplation, the Enhancement of our Rational Thinking is able to Become a Natural Mechanism included in the Flow of the Observable Reality by Making the Meta-Cognitive Activity a Reinforcement and a Guideline of our Thinking (improving our Personal Method of Inquiry and Unique Contributing to the Understanding of the Reality) but also of our Personal Development Connected to a Net of “Invisible” Meanings and Functionings.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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