Conscious Breathing to Soothe Stress, Create Calm and Improve Memory

“The Reason we’re talking about Breathwork now it’s because is one of the most Powerful Drivers To access different State almost Immediately” Andrew Huberman, PhD

Our Breath is our most Intimate, Potent Tool to Change the Way We Feel, Think and Integrate Experiences.

Simply Slowing down the Breath and Making it Deeper and Connected can almost instantly Soothe Stress and Create Calm, Focus and Clarity in our Mind.

Many Scientific Empirical Studies have observed that Diaphragmatic Connected Breathing (used in Techniques as Rebirthing Breathwork and Holotropic Breathwork) may trigger body Relaxation Responses and a wide Range of Benefits both in Physical and Mental Wellness.

When we are Stressed, Anxious or Scared our Breath tends to become Shallow and it seems that Automatically we forget that Breathing is a Vital Rhythm of Human Being and Mammalian Life, that Breathing is associated to Aliveness and It has Control on our State of General Wellbeing.

In Fact, also Studies have widely demonstrated that we can Induce Positive or Negative Emotions by changing the Rhythm and Depth of our Breath.

When we Breathe Automatically the Respiratory drive is Generated by conditional bursting pacemaker Neurons in the Brainstem and a Variety of Emotional and Cognitive states, including Anxiety and Stress can all modify the rate and Depth of Breathing. Furthermore the Olfactory System is closely linked with Limbic Brain regions mediating Emotion but also Memory and Behavior. Other Precious Neuroscientist Researches has also showed that Electrical and Chemical Activity in the Brain Changes with the Breath.

Given that the Functions associated with the areas, Namely Emotional Regulation, Memory and Unconscious are managed by the Breath it became easy to Deduce how changing the Way we Breathe we can Change the Response in our Nervous System and Important is to Learn to Breathe Deeply, Consciously and Properly.

Nowadays, Conscious (and Connected) Breathing is considered a Powerful and Immediate Technique able to have deep Effects on our Autonomic Nervous System with several Possibilities of Applications by many Psychologists (as for example M.D Stanislav Grof, Father of the Holotropic BreathWork and PhD Jim Morningstar, Clinic Psychologists Expert In BreathWork for Traumas Relief ) and many Complementary/Holistic Therapists (Breathwork Trainers).


Author: Cristina Capucci

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