Clarity, Emptiness and Consciousness

Mindfulness is Presence and an Intense Absence of Effort. 

Mind Clarity is a Consequence of a Constant Mindful Flowing toward the Awareness that our Deepest Consciousness is Empty (and has to stay Empty) such as the Space that Composes an Atom that is Part of the same Material World that we can Experience through our Physical Senses. 

When we “See” the Emptiness we Realize that the Present Moment Contains Everything and in that Everything there is always an Empty Space: the Way through which we can Evolve.

“Emptiness is always Emptiness of Something, just as Consciousness is always Consciousness of Something” Thích Naht Hanh

It is the Door that Permits us to Realize that a determined Everything, and also the Cosmo Itself, can Be Present in a Detail of the Everything/Wholeness and to Make Experience of it, as it is.

According to Mindfulness Practice the Emptiness is a Door of Liberation (the other Two Doors are Signlessness and Aimlessness) from the Oppressive Forces that Keep our Consciousness Dormant and overly Linked to our Thoughts and our Discriminative Thinking, our Happiness, our Sufferings, our Certainties, our Fears, our Willingness, our Possessions, our Judgements, our Decisions, etc. 

Mind Clarity is a State of Mind that Permits us to Notice the Emptiness in our Consciousness as a Door toward which we Can Renew our Perception of the World and to Release further Seeds of Compassion, Love, Light, Understanding, Calm and Peace from our Heart Staying Close to our true Nature and to Experience it.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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