Chakras and Frequencies

Imagine a Piano with its Seven Octaves (the Measure of Distance Between Notes) of Music Notes: they are all Essential to Create a Beautiful and Harmonious Symphony. 

If a Note or an Octave is Missing or is Weak, the Tuning no Longer has a Good Sound. To Create Harmony Within our Being, all Seven Chakras must be Correctly Tuned among themselves and Emits a Proper Frequency. Each note Plays an important role in the Complete Symphony. 

If Each Note is arranged Harmoniously by the Composer, to Create and to Manifest his/her Life Experiences.

Chakras Plays a Similar Role than Musical Notes in our Existence:

In the Body: the Energy Emitted by Chakras is Linked to our Physical Body and it Feeds every Organs, Limbs and Physical Functions with the Necessary Vital Force (Prana). A Weak Flow Creates Illness, a Strong and Balanced Energy Creates Wellness. Life Force/Prana/Ki is the Energy that Flows in our Chakras and a Great Activator of Natural Self-Healing Capabilities of our Organisms.

In the Spiritual Bodies (Auras): Chakras Act as “Sacred Gateways” through which we Human Beings can Experience and Express the most Sublime Aspects of our Divine Multidimensional Essence. 

In our Self-Consciousness/Awareness: the Seven Chakras are the Knowledge that Offers us one or more Keys, with which we can Obtain a Natural (Conscious or Unconscious) Sense of Harmony and Balance, Life Meanings and Putting us Perfectly in Resonance with Mother Earth and All that it is, Universal Forces Included.

Chakras and Frequencies

Both Ancient Spiritual Masters and the Modern Quantum Physicists Acknowledge that the Whole Universe is made by Vibrations, the same Vibrations Generated by the Sound and that Keep us Connected and in Resonance between all of us and with the whole Universe.

For Example St Augustine, through the Platonic Philosophy, Learned and Recognized the Profound and Scientific Meaning of the Sentence Contained in the Genesis Book “in the Beginning was the Word” and the Multiple Meanings that this Assertion is Linked to our “Logos” and to our Creative Power in our Lives.

In the Vedic Tradition, Sound Vibration is known as Nada. For Example in the Ancient Practice of Nada Yoga (Called also the Yoga of Sound) Sounds are used to Armonize and Rebalance the Chakras and consequently to Restore the Individual PsychoPhysical Wellness but aslo as a Path of Personal and Consciousness Awakening.

Once that we Should Develop our Ability to Choose Voluntarily our Vibrations and Change or Harmonize our Frequencies we could Become able to Generate our own Wellness and the Collective Wellness just through our Harmonious Presence in the Totality.

Every of Each of the Seven Chakras is Associated to a Color, but Each of them has a also a Unique Mantra (Bija Mantra) and Frequency that all Together Generate our Personal and Unique Symphony: Each Chakra Vibrates at a Different Frequency and this Frequency is Constantly Influenced by the Entering in Resonance within our Physical and Ethereal Being, our DNA, our Personal Story, our Thoughts, our Voice and the outside Environment in every Present Moment.

The Bija Mantras

In Vedic Tradition, “Mantra” is a Sanskrit Word made up of two Syllables: “Man” (Mind) and “Tra” (Liberate): “Thoughts that Liberate from Samsara, the World of Illusions”. Mantras refer to the Science of Mystic Sound and Vibration.

Bija Mantras (In Sanskrit “Bija” means “Seed”) are the Pronounceable Vibrations related to each of Seven Chakras. They are useful Tools for the Enhancement and Rebalancing of the Personal Energy utilizing the Power of Sound Vibrations. They are Powerful Sounds that can Create a Transformation, help to Achieve different States of Consciousness, Create Resonance with Specific Attributes of Divine Energy, or to Manifest different Qualities, from Resonating the Chakras to Embodying Compassion.

Bija Mantras Chant: a Powerful Meditative Practice

In Vedic Traditions there are 7 specific Bija Mantras that Vibrationally align our Chakras through the Sound Energy, They are:

Muladhara or Root Chakra 

Bija mantra: LAM (Lum)

Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra 

Bija Mantra: VAM (Vum)

Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra 

Bija Mantra: RAM (Rum)

Anahata or Heart Chakra 

Bija Mantra: YAM (Yum)

Vishuddha or Throat Chakra

Bija Mantra: HAM (Hum)

Anja or Third Eye Chakra 

Bija Mantra: U ( U as in ‘Uber’)

Sahasrara or Crown Chakra 

Bija Mantra: Om (Aum)

It is Possible to Chant each Mantra Lying down on a Yoga Mat or by Sitting in a Cross legged Meditation pose, Focusing the Mind or Keeping the Hands on the Chakra of which you are Chanting the Bija Mantra. 

These Mantras are very Powerful even when they are Chanted Silently or Simply Invoked.

Author:  Cristina Capucci 

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