Celebrating Winter Solstice for a Renewed Awareness and Harmony in our Lives

Solstice Derives from the Latin Scientific Term Solstitium, containing Sol, which means “Sun,” and the Past Participle stem of Sistere, meaning “to Make Stand”. When the Sun Moves to South Toward the Tropic of Capricorn and the Shortest Day of the Solar Year Arrives in the Northern Hemisphere we use to Call this days Winter Solstice.

The Solstice is an Astronomical Event Generated by the Tilt of the Earth on its Axis and its Orbit around the Sun. The result is the Shortest Day and Longest Night.

Winter Solstice is the Equivalent of the Solar New Year.

We have the Opportunity to Make this Alignment very Powerful if we Live Today (and the next Days until Christmas) with more Awareness and Significance. The Stronger Magnetic Vibration of Mother Earth (given by this Particular Alignment) can Support and Lift us to move toward Higher Levels of Consciousness and Evolution and Empower our Intentions and Focus.

It is a Fruitful time of Renewal, to Clarify our Purposes, to Set New Goals, to Be Grateful for all the Blessings Received during the Year just Passed and to Meditate to Realign our Mind, Body, and Spirit into Harmony.

I Invite You to Honor and Celebrate this Day Creating a Moment for a Ritual for Expressing your Gratitude, Making a list of your Purposes for the New Years and Meditating Centered in your Heart Feeling the Connection with Mother Earth and with all the Creation to Find more Coherence between your Thoughts and Actions.

Express Gratitude

Gratitude Helps to Maintain a Positive Attitude and Awareness Regard of what in Happening around us. Practicing and Cultivating Gratitude means to Appreciate what is Good in our Lives andrò Reframe and Transform Experiences of Stress and Gloom in Positive Life Teachings. A Positive and Grateful Attitude can Be Cultivated with a little Daily Practicee: Learn to Be always Thankful also in Difficult Situations.

Make a List of Your Purposes

Purposes are Intentions where we can Find and add more Meaning to our Lives. Purpose can be Linked to our Personal Life, Relationships but also to our Job and Career (an area of our Live where some People has Difficulties to find a Meaning in their Actions and Choices).

Being Aware of our Purposes is a Strong Stress and Anxiety Relief and They also Help us to Identify new Aspects of your Identity Increasing our Self Knowledge.


Solstice is a Beautiful Time for us to become more  Aware that we are a part of something Wider and to Reconnect our Heart to the Heart of our Mother Earth, Remembering that she is a Living Being who Provides us Infinite Gifts.

Today (and in the next Days until Christmas) Take a Moment to find a quiet Space where you can Meditate and Reconnect to your Deeper Awareness and to Mother Nature.

Ground Yourself and your Heart to the Land under your Feet imagining Deep Roots that is going Deeper from our Thoughts, our Heart and our Feet towards the Center of the Earth and Imagine to Connect your Heartbeat with Mother Earth’s Heartbeat through Deep and Calm Breathes.

Meditation will Natturally Bring us more Calm and Awareness and it will help us to find a Inner Space where to Clear our Mind and Thoughts, Empower our Purposes and Bring a more Positive and Reflexive Attitude to our Lives.

Wish You all a Season filled with Happiness, Love and Wonderful Accomplished Purposes in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Author: Cristina Capucci

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