Rebirthing Breathwork is a Simple, Gentle and Powerful Technique that involves the use of Conscious Connected Breathing to create a deep Contact between Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies and return to an Original state of Wholeness thanks to the process of integration of Life Experiences memorized into the different Levels of the Being (Cellular, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual).

The Breath is a Crucial Link between the Mind and the Body and it is a Vital System that works both Consciously and Unconsciously designed to maintain the Balance and to produce a deep “Relaxation Response”. 

Through using the Breath in a Circular way, which means without pausing between the Inhale and the Exhale, a Powerful Energy Flow is created in the Body. This Energy Flow Gently Helps Release stuck Emotions (which are stored in the Cellular Memory of the body or into the Energetic Fields) or to Integrate Life Experience never Elaborated . As these Emotions or Memories are Integrated and the Breathing and Energy flow Continues, the Breather goes a Level Deeper and Achieves profound States of Bliss, Clarity and Understanding about Themselves.


When We Focus all our Attention to the Inspiration, Permitting to our Expiration to Be Natural and Relaxed, our Energy Begins to Increase and We Start to Develop a Deeper Awareness and Stronger Personal Power and Will.


A Rebirthing Breathwork Session Takes about 50 minutes during which the Person is driven by the Breathworker to let Emerge His/Her Natural Continuous and Connected Breath, using Evocative Music, Rhythmical Sounds, Bioenergetic Movements. 

Every Session is usually different from each other and during each Session, the Breather Opens  His/Her Consciousness to Explore a Wide Side of His/Her Inner World. He/She Learns even more Effectively how to Clear Emotions, How to Remove Energetic Blocks and How to Improve His/Her Energy thanks to the Power of the Breath.  

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