7 Motivating Benefits of Walking Activity

Simply Walking, 20/30 Minutes per Day, is Good for your Body, your Mind and your Soul! In Fact Walking is a Great Way to get the Regular Physical Activity needed to Maintain and Increase Wellbeing.

In Several Scientific Studies conducted by Research Institutes and Universities, Researchers have found that Walking regularly, overall in the Nature, have Wonderful Effects on People’s Mood, Sense of Grounding, Stress Relief, Focus, Productivity and General Wellbeing.

If you have the opportunity to Walk the same amount of time in the Nature would be Better because you could Enjoy the Benefits of the Sun, of the Oxygenated and Purifying Air in your Lungs and on your Skin, of the Deep Contact with Mother Earth and of the Life Force given by the Nature.

However Walking is for itself a Great Physical Activity which suits Everyone.

 7 Wonderful and Motivating Benefits of Walking Activity

1. Mood-Boosting and Stress Reduction

Several Scientific Studies have proven that Physical Activity has a profound Impact on the Emotions. Walking is also highly recommended by Physicians and Psychiatrists to help Uplift Mood. Mental Stress is a problem for most busy People these days and it can cause Depression. In Fact Exercise generates the release of particular Neurotransmitters (chemicals produced naturally by the body) called Endorphins that make you feel Better and Happier. So, if you are feeling Mentally Tired, Sad or Unsatisfied you should just take a Walk and get some Fresh air to Feel quickly Regenerated.

2. Heart Health and Circulation Improvement

Walking daily has been proven to decrease the chances of a Person Developing Heart Disease. Researchers have reported that Walking is the best Exercise for Sedentary and Obese Individuals, to reduce the Risk of Heart and Cardiovascular diseases. It’s interesting to know that in a Study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society, Scientists Confirmed that Men and Women of 65 years of age or older, who walked for at least 4 hours every Week, were at less Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Many Researches agree that Walking can help to Improve Blood Circulation and Cellular Functions and it increases the Blood Flow to the Muscles and the Brain, increasing their Energy Levels.

3. Aging-delaying Effects

Study conducted with Thousands Harvard Graduates showed that Alumni who Walked for at least 30 Minutes every day lived Healthier and Longer than those who were Sedentary. Walking may Activate the Telomerase Enzyme, which is responsible for Synthesizing and Maintaining DNA Integrity, an important factor in Aging. Daily Walking  also Stimulates the Blood Flow of the Peripheral Circulation, giving to Body Tissues and Face more Color, Vibrancy and Elasticity.

Remember that Being out in the Fresh Air on a regular basis, will make you Look and Feel Younger.

4. Excess Weight Reduction

One of the most Obvious Benefits of Walking (and Physical Exercise in general) is the Reduction of the Excess of Weight and Body Fat Percentage (BFP).

If you Walk at a Good Rhythm, and for at least 30 each Day, you will begin to notice that your Body will be Slimmer and more Firm.

5. Memory and Intelligence Improvement

Walking can actually Empower Brain Activity and Intelligence. Walking helps to Supply the Brain with the required amounts of Oxygen and Glucose, which helps it function Better.

Aerobic Physical Exercises help to increase the size of Hippocampus while a sedentary lifestyle shrinks the hippocampus, leading to Memory Loss. Walk every day can give your Memory Power a serious Boost in fact Study finds that short-term Memory is improved even of 20% and also general Mental Attitude can be Improved.

6. Productivity Increasing

Walking regularly can make you more Mentally Active and Energetic. This, in turn, can Increase your Levels of Productivity and the Reaction to different Stimuli will Change for the Better.

7. More Time for Yourself

Walking gets you outside, gives you time to Think and Be freely Inspired. Before every Walk mute your Phone and Enjoy the time with Yourself far from Distractions. During every Walk you Have time to Think about the Activities of the Day, the issues you needed Solutions for, and more. When you are Walking, your Mind can get Quiet, so Answers to problems have a Chance to come into View. However, You can also Transform your Daily Walk in a Mindfulness Meditation! How You Live the Activity Routine can Improve the Benefits of the Activity Itself!

And don’t forget that

  • It’s Free!
  • It’s Easy to Practice!
  • and that You can Walk on Your Own or with Friends!

Get Started and Stay Motivated!

If you haven’t been Active for a while, you may find Walking is an easy way to Get Started. But it will also be Important to Keep Motivated.

If you are new to Walking, it is better do not Walk for Long Distances immediately. Build your Walking Routine Gradually: Start by Walking 15 minutes every Day and Increase Walk after Walk the duration to 30 Minutes a Day or more.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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