Be Willing to Evolve and not just to Grow Through Life. How Personal Development Works

Survival, growth, development and evolution are Four distinct stages in which the processes of personal and social change happen and during which we enhance our understanding. 

The difference may seem just semantics, but there is a substantial distinction between the stage of growing and the stage of evolving. 

Personal growth is basically a goal-oriented and effortful activity, necessary to have an orientation and to give a clear direction to our lives. While evolution is allowing ourselves to become the person that we truly are.

Personal growth implies to individuate our needs and direction, to set goals and mindset in order to meet the personal development “stairs” that includes deeper thinking and analyzing attitude.

The first step toward a real change/evolution is removing the barriers to our personal development and for doing this we have to Recognize who we are and to learn to allow the changes happen and our consciousness to evolve.

Recognize who we are means to discover the core values and purposes that define what we really want and who we truly are through a deep self-reflection process.

In other words, we learn about ourselves and we start to develop in order to evolve not only toward the direction of our goals, but also to who we really are.

Here 5 Guidelines to Develop from a Growth Mindset to an Evolutive Mindset:

Find Time to Dedicate to your Personal Development

Developing means thinking and analyzing is something that nowadays is very hard to do: new informations, theories and life philosophies surround us in nearly every form imaginable and they all have the same ultimate purpose: to sell something or to convert us in followers. All of this is normal and acceptable, but to learn to develop a good sense of discernment is fundamental in order to maintain a Healthy individuality and be aware about our thinking capabilities and decisions.

Just take time you need to reflect, reframe and choose carefully the informations that sounds with your Inner truths and your growth mindset.

Learn to Focus First on How you Feel in Order to Decide How you Want to Feel

When you recognize the distance or the conflict between what you want to feel in a determined situation, and what you really feel, you can Start to connect your mind, heart and emotions toward the same direction. At that moment your whole system will start to cooperate toward a new evolutive stage. It is not about changing who you are, but it is about learning to accept how you feel in front of how you are in a determined contest, and in doing this you can create the awareness to action an affective and conscious change in your Life.

Recognize your Real Priorities and your Purposes 

Set your goals properly, in order to keep clearly in your mind your priorities and your purposes.

Setting goals in a self-educative activity that can guide you to develop a precious and unconscious inner compass to stay on track and to point toward a consistent personal development path and to learn more about yourself at every step.  

Know your Strengths and your Weaknesses

Be brave enough to identify you weaknesses and to understand that it is such as important as knowing your strengths. 

Everyone has weaknesses and “negative” forces at work like a balancer of our personality. Our weakness are just areas of ourselves to individuate, to handle and to correct and nothing to be ashamed of.

Imagine strengths and weaknesses as the wheels of a bicycle: the strengths are the front wheel and the weaknesses the back wheel. Give direction to our life means to use our strengths and learn to restrains out weakness or to restrain through them. 

During the path of personal development both our strength and our weaknesses could change in their nature or proportion, it is normal, life is full of changes: just let’s be aware of them and lets’s keep going, in order to growth, develop and evolve in the direction of our meanigful goals.

Accept the Paradox of the Acceptance

When we try to change we often do not succeed, but when we accept who we are including the aspects of our personality that we don’t like about, acceptance creates the mental rest and the “reset” during which changes can occur naturally.  

Changes manifest themselves because we allow to ourselves to develop toward a profound change that generates as consequence an effective evolution. When we try to force a change, we unconsciously are moving against it as innate survival instinct. 

Author: Cristina Capucci

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