Awareness of Thought using Contemplation

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Traveling towards the quiet or the silence of the mind in not an automatic experience. 

Our thoughts are always present as a soundtrack in our daily life and sometimes we are also invested by the frequencies of the people around us.

To be aware of all our thoughts is impossible given that we think over 70.000 thoughts per day (around 3.000 Thoughts per hour) but it is possible to select some of them carefully as we select the food that nourish our body. thoughts have to power to feed or impoverish our mind, to create our being and our reality, to make feel us better, quieter and more joyful or to make us sad, stressed or sick. Being aware of our thoughts can be a goal that requires will, exercise and sometimes some courage in the shape of a wider awareness.

Photo by Sebastian Magnani

Many kind of meditations, overall mindfulness meditation, includes specific exercises for resting the mind, attaining state of presence totally different from the normal waking state and for conducting us to experience the center of our consciousness. 

But sometimes also the simple contemplation in the present moment, being simply inspired by a natural landscape, a good reading or a food for thoughts can guide us toward a deeper Identification of the source and nature of more authentic thoughts and our way of thinking. The practice of contemplation teaches us to see things as they simply are.

Contemplative practice refers to a particular form of mindfulness meditation (or simply observation) in which we clarify and make manifest the nature of Reality. Observing the Reality we are also constructing it through a deep form of understanding.

”I Enter into each Planet, and by My Energy they stay in Orbit.

I become the Moon and thereby supply the Juice of Life to all Vegetables”.  Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

”Look Deep into Nature, and then you will understand Everything Better”. Albert Einstein

Photo by Sebastian Magnani

Here I introduce you, what is in my opinion, a very inspiring reading to reflect about the identity of the thoughts and the nature of the thoughts and the reality. I really suggest you this reading as starting point for your exercises of active contemplation, where the control of the mind over the thoughts is present and given the nature of the reading, capable to generate an effective movement and of the spirit.

Photo by Sebastian Magnani

The suggested book is “The Way to Self-Knowledge” by Gopi Krishna

“A Stone will always be a Stone 

Unless new Forces Operate. 

All ordered complex Changes denote 

The Operation of a Mind. 

You nowhere will a Pant and Coat, 

No Human Hand has Tailored, Find. 

It is Intelligence, again, 

Infinitely Subtle and Acute, 

That has Designed the Human Brain, 

So shrewd, Inventive and Astute. 

This great Intelligence controls 

Our vast Creation as our Minds 

Control our Bodies for the Roles 

Which we Perform of various Kinds. 

Should we not try to Express our Love 

And homage for this gracious God 

Or fail His bounties to avow 

With worship, prayer, service, laud. “

Photo by Sebastian Magnani

Author: Cristina Capucci

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