Anahata: the Heart Chakra

The Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra is said to Lie next to the Heart and it is usually Represented in Green. The Anahata Chakra is also the Chakra that is Considered to Unite the Upper and Lower Chakras or Balance the Body and Mind. 

The Heart or is located in the Center of the Chest between the Breast. The Hindus Depicted the Anahata Chakra as a Circle of Twelve Lotus Petals with two Triangles in the Middle that form a Six point Star.

Anahata is a Boundless, Infinite Chakra. Its Element is Air. Air means Contact between Mind and Emotions. The Balanced Contact may Conveys an Intense inner Feeling of Being in Peace with the All the Creation and of Being Pervase by a Feeling of Unconditional Love and Trust.

In Fact, the Heart Chakra is Considered a Bridge through which we can Develop and Integrate an Holistic Sense of Unity and Connection of all That Is and the Cosmic Source of Wisdom.

The Anahata Chakra is Associated with Love and the Healing of Relationships, with Ourselves and with Other and the Balance of Intents between the Internal and External World. This Chakra is the Center of Love and Gives us the Ability to Love and most Importantly the Ability to Love Ourselves.

Opening our Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra in Sanskrit) through a Meditation Focused on this Area enables us to Create a Connection between our Spiritual and Physical Self. This Allows us to Grow as Individual in the most Balanced Way and also Allow us a better Connection between the Mind and the Body generating a State of Coherence Physical, Mental, Emotional/Instinctual and Spiritual.

Heart Chakra Meditation

This Heart Chakra Meditation involves getting in touch with Feelings such as Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace and Acceptance and send them into the World and toward Ourselves using the Power of the Mantra/Bija “Yum”.

To begin, Close your Eyes and place your Right Hand on the Center of your Chest, over your Heart Chakra, and place the Left hand on top.

Take a Deep Breath and as you Exhale, Pronounce Ten Times the Word/Bija Mantra “Yum”, which is the Vibration Associated with the Heart Chakra. As you do this, Imagine a Glowing Green/Gold Energy Flowing from your Chest and into your Hands Palms.

This Energy is Love, Life and Whatever other Positive Emotions you are Feeling at that Moment. 

When you are ready, take your Hands from your Chest and allow the Energy to Escape from your Palms, Sending your Love to your Loved Ones and the World, opening your Arms and Keeping your Hands at the Level of the Chest.

Stay in Meditation until you don’t Feel a Profound Sense of Gratitude and Unconditional Love Pervades all your Body, your Mind and your Emotions. This Energy is a Pure Flow of “Healing” that is Coming Back to you from the Universal Intelligence and it is Enhancing your Seven Chakras Energy Starting from the Crown (the Seventh Chakra) through all your Chakra System.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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