An Introduction to Holism. Being Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit


“The Natural Healing Force in Each One of Us is the Greatest Force in Getting Well.” Hippocrates

Generally speaking, ‘Holism’ (whether in science, philosophy, sociology, economics, or linguistics) is the idea that all the Components of a System can only be understood in relation to the whole, in other words, they cannot be explained by the Individual Properties alone.

In Philosophy, the principle of Holism (which comes from the Greek “holos” meaning “all” or “total”) was concisely summarized by Aristotle in his “Metaphysics”: “The Whole is more than the Sum of its Parts”. However, the term “Holism” was only introduced into the daily language by the South African statesman Jan Smuts in the 1926.

In the Specific, We, as Human Beings are made up of Four main parts: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit/Soul. We Exist as a Whole and our WellBeing is a Result of a Balanced Interaction between all these Parts.

“The Whole is more than the Sum of its Parts.” – Aristotle

The Body

It is our Physical Manifestation in this Reality. We are made up of cells and Organs formed with many Chemical Components. Our Bodies are also comprised of the Nervous System (the Nerves and the Brain), it conducts Electricity and Life Force and it’s with our Bodies that we Connect to the outside World through the Five senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, and Touch.

The Mind

The Mind is made up of two main parts: the Mind and the Will.

The Mind: earlier on we looked at the three different parts of our minds: the Rational Mind, the Emotional Mind, and the Wise Mind. We have also explored the differences between the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds.

– Our conscious mind is responsible for Observing, Thinking, Focusing and Reasoning.
– As we grow up we learn and develop beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world, we store these beliefs in our subconscious minds along with our memories. To use our Mind at Best is Power

The Will:  is our innate Capability to Choose for Ourselves according to our Free Will. While we can’t control the Situations, Events or Circumstances of Life, we always have a Choice about how we Choose to React or Respond to these Situations.

Our Minds are continually Communicating with our Body and the Emotions. What the Mind Thinks, Focus on, Perceives, and Experiences is sent from the Brain to the rest of the Body.

The Emotions

The Emotions refers to how we Experience Life and how we Feel. The Quality of our Thinking will directly Influence the Quality of our Emotions, and we have a Choice about the Thoughts we Choose to Focus on, and then ultimately how we Feel as a direct consequence.  To know and Listen our Emotions in very Important to Orientate at Best our Choices.

The Spirit/Soul

There are many Terms to define the “Spirit”. Spirit can be considered our Soul, our Essence, our Self at an Intangible Level. At the deepest level our Spirit is what gives us Meaning and Purpose in Life, it’s where our Intrinsic Motivation and Values live. It’s the Core of who we are: our Deep Essence. The Spirit is always deeply Connected  with Mind, Emotions and Body and it Includes our Energetic Bodies.

Author: Cristina Capucci


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