The Gold Tao is a Social and Wellness Company founded by Cristina Capucci. 

The Gold Tao is focused on Living Healthy, Motivated, Empowered and Aware and on Human Consciousness Evolution.

The Gold Tao Mission is to Facilitate Your Life Path and to Support You with Successfull Coaching Strategies and Energetic Disciplines!

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Full Potential?

There are many Areas in our Life where We can Make Adjustments, Improvements or Radical Changes to Find or to Increase our Wellness. The word “Wellness“, whose meaning in the past essentially coincided with Physical Health, nowadays, it has gradually taken on an ever wider Meaning, coming to involve all Aspects of Being’s Reality: Physical, Emotional, Mental/Intellectual, Social, Environmental, Occupational, and Spiritual. All these Areas are Precious Components of our Holistic Wellness and It is important to look upon all of these Zones to Feel Completely Fulfilled and Live a Joyful Life! 

Cristina Capucci

Life, Evolutive, Mindfulness and Corporate Coach and Expert in Holistic Energetic Disciplines for Wellness.

I am Passionate about Personal Growth and Consciousness Evolution since I was not much more than a Teenage Girl.

Later, in the 2008, year during which I moved to Shanghai as Professional Photographer, I’ve started to get Interest about Ancient Chinese Medicine to solve a Personal Problem of Heath and thanks also its Successfully Resolution in the 2010 I have decided to Start my Professional Studies and I have also Realized that the World of Complementary Therapies was my True Vocation.

The Professional Switch from the World of Photography to the World of Wellness has been long and full of Challenges for Me, but with Commitment, Constant Efforts and an Irreducible Enthusiasm It has Become Reality!