A few Good Relaxation Techniques to Calm down and Relax

After a Chaotic Day, full of Meetings, Deadlines and Family Responsibilities, we all Need a little bit of Relaxation. While there are many ways that we can Stop our Daily Runs and Relax, one of the most Effective and Easy Ways is Meditation.

Many of us never Listen to the Inner State and Realize just how much Stress and Tension we Hold in our Bodies. Only 10 Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation will help us to become more Aware of the Tension in our Bodies, and Learn to Recognize it and Change the Tension to Relaxation Immediately it Creeps In.

Did you know that knowing a few Good Relaxation Techniques can Improve your Well-Being? It’s True, you’ve seen the Commercials on TV, heard the Warnings from your Doctor, Stress is more than just an Unpleasant of Life, for some it’s Downright Dangerous to their Health.

Here are some other Techniques you can add to you Daily Life.

Additional Relaxation Techniques.

Eating healthy. Eating Can Become an Aware Disciplined Practices that can help Relieve Stress. Try Eating a Fresh Organic Salad Full of Nutritive Elements and Savor Slowly each Bite.

Hug Someone. Giving a Hug means getting One. it’s a for Surrender and Unconditional Trust toward the World.

Interrupt you Regular Routines. Phone to your Beloved one, Eat a Lunch outside with a Friend or go out for a Walk in a Park. Just doing something that Breaks you out of your Habitual Patterns can be an instant Stress Reliever.

Have a Warm Bath. It Relaxes your Muscles, your Nervous System and lowers your Blood Pressure. Before Going to Bed it Produces a Better Sleep.

Watch your Mind. Spot the Stress’s Lurking just Below the Surface and you can Resolve them and Feel more Relaxed. If you Practice this Mindfulness Exercise, it may become one of your Favourite Relaxation Techniques.

Laughing. Proven Studies show that Laughing helps to Relax. Think about the last time you had a Good and Genuine Laugh. It made you Feel Good, didn’t it? People take Laughing for Granted and it is one of Life’s best and Simple Medicines. Watch a funny Show or better yet Chat with your most Upbeat Friend. It’s Guaranteed to help you Relax.

Relaxing Music. Keep your Favorite Relaxation Soundtrack at the Office, in the Car, or wherever you’ll Need it Most. There are Thousands of Relaxing Music Tracks especially for Meditation. Do a quick search Online and Create your Favorite Playlist.

Take A Break. Sometimes a Change in Scenery is all it takes to Feel Better. Simply leaving the Room where you are Working for a while can Boost your Energy. This can help at Work or in Stressful Settings. It’s much better than getting Frustrated or Angry.

Exhale Deeply. Try Taking Five deep Breaths through your Nose and Exhaling Deeply. Close your Eyes and pay Attention only to your Breathing while doing this. It’s like a Mini-Meditation Session, and perhaps one of the quickest and most Effective Relaxation Techniques you can use.

Drink a Relaxing Infusion  Tea. Chamomile Tea, for Example seems to have a Calming Effect on the Nervous System,  it is a great way to Relive the day’s Stress before to go to Sleep. If you’re not fond of Chamomile, any hot Tea without Theine will do.

Take Life Easier! And Breathe!

Author: Cristina Capucci

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