7 Coaching Tips to Stay Motivated to Follow Through on Your Goals

Knowing your Life’s Goals can Increase General Motivation and Personal Satisfaction.

But How to Keep High Level of Motivation along the Path of Achievement?

Here, I Give 7 Practical Coaching Tips you can Apply immediately in your Life. mainly they are about the Right Attitude to Develop in Order to Be more Effective but also Flexible, Learning to Know your own Rhythm and to Create a Functional Personal Development Program.

1. Take it a Step at Time

Getting Stuff Done sometimes can be Mentally Burdensome. Even if you Know you Want to Accomplish something it can seem that the Finish Line is too far for your Possibilities.

To Prevent to Be Discouraged when You have just Started, it’s Important to Keep Goals small and Attainable. How do this? You need to Chuck the main Goal into Small, Actionable Steps. Items that you can actually set out and Achieve in a Shorter Time or even Today! Break down large Goals into smaller Steps can Lead to a Sense of Achievement and Keeping Focused along the Journey of Achievement!

2. Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Specific. Goals that are too vague and general are hard to Achieve. Goals that work at best generally include Specifics such as ‘Who, Where, When, Why and What’. The more Focused your Energies (more the Goal is Clear), the more Power you Generate for its Realization!
  • Measurable. Ideally Goals should Include a Quantity of ‘How Much’ or ‘How Many’ (for example: Drinking 2 Litres of Water per Day or Run One Hour per Day, etc). Put Concrete Numbers in your Goals to Know if you’re on Track.
  • Achievable. Goals should be Challenging, but Achievable. Goals Work at Best when they are neither too Easy or too Difficult. In many cases setting harder Goals can Lead to Better Outcomes, but only as long as the Person has the Ability to Achieve them. Setting Goals which are too Difficult can be discouraging and lead to Giving up Altogether.
  • Relevant. The Goal should seem Important and Beneficial to the Person who is Assigned the Goal. Try to Answer: “Why do I Want what you Want?”
  • Time-related. To have a Deadline can Motivate efforts and Prioritize the Tasks above other Distractions.

Turning Goals into S.M.A.R.T. Goals or S.M.A.R.T. Objectives is like Building a Compass that Gives Focus, Direction, and Makes Decision Making Easier.  S.M.A.R.T. is the Acronym of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Related:

3. Create a Vision Board

Visualization is one of the most Powerful Mind Exercises you can do and a Vision Board is a Concrete Representation of your Desires and Goals. It’s Funny and Relaxing to Create a Vision Board and it can Be an Invaluable Tool to Motivate, Re-Focus and Inspire you towards Daily Action in Pursuit of your most Important Goals. According to the popular book The Secret, “The Law of Attraction is forming your Entire Life Experience and it is doing that Through your Thoughts. When You are Visualizing, you are also Emitting a Powerful Frequency out into the Universe.

Creating a Visual Representation of What you Want Actually does bring it to Life. When you Create a Vision/Dream Board you essentially Do a short Visualization Exercises throughout the Day, Everyday.

“Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.” Tony Robbins

4. Develop a Positive Attitude Cultivating your Emotions

Emotions are a Mental and Physiological Feeling State that Directs our Attention and Guides our Behavior and Generate Motion.  

Behavioral Researches have noticed that Toxic Situations influences Unconsciously our Mind and that Stress can Be Contagious and more you Surround yourself with it, the more likely you are to let it Affect your Thoughts and Your Mindset.

On the other side, Studies show that Happiness is also Contagious. In order to Maintain an Effective Motivation, Positive Thinkers only Surround themselves with people and Things that will Help that Attitude to Flourish.

In order to become a more Positive and Motivated Person I Suggest you to do Activities that can Help Cultivate your Emotions. Studies have Shown that Practices like Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Aerobic Training, Journaling and Reading as well as Spending time with your Friends and Family, all have the Ability to Increase Positive Feelings. Positive Feelings Create Positive Thoughts and Positive Thoughts Create a Strong and Positive Mindset!

“Your Beliefs become your Thoughts, your Thoughts become your Words, your Words become your Actions, your Actions become your Habits, your Habits become your Values, your Values become your Destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

5. Be Kind with Yourself

Keep Thinking about the Good Things you have Achieved Today and you have Realized in the last Period. Don’t spend too much Time to Ruminate on Errors and Lacks. You can Recognize that you have made some Errors, but I Suggest you to Analyze them under a Constructive Prospective (making a Reframe of the Situation) in Order to Enjoy the Effect of Positive Feeling and to Reinforce your Balance and your State of Mind.

6. Ask for a Coaching Support

To Keep yourself Motivate dat Best, You Could also ask Help to a Life Coach. A Coach is a Professional who’s Pushing you to that Next Level or Help You to Apply Strategies to Realize Important Goals.

You can have the Best Intentions but a lot of the times, you can be Tired or too Severe with yourself. An External and Objective Point of View and Support is helpful to Unstuck you from Common Life Moments of Procrastination, Negative Thinking, of lack of Creativity and Productivity. Coaching can also Help you to Learn how to Manage and Transform Stress to Your Advantage.

7. Celebrate Your Progress

Celebrate Big or Small Achievements has many Benefits, overall It’s a Way to Fix Progress in your Mind and to Anchor a Positive Emotions able to Enforce and Encourage you to Go Ahead for your Goals. You can also Decide to Celebrate in a Public Way (for Example using Social Networks) so that more People may be Inspired to Find their own Ways of Recognizing and Marking their Achievements.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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