5 Minutes Meditation for Enhancing Awareness

We all are Unique Individuals, with a particular History and Conditionings impressed in our DNA, Cells, Body, Mind, Synapses, Memories, Thoughts and Soul. No one can offer us a Fixed Formula for Navigating all Life Situations and all States of Minds, but just one or more Pieces of our Soul Puzzle to Manifest our Meaningful Life Purposes.

Only by Listening profoundly into our Whole Being we can Find the Way to Enhance our Awareness to Discern, to Live at Best every Life Experience and to Stay in every Present Moment.

Mindfulness Practice is a very Functional Tool to Open our Vision into the Chaotic Intertwinement of our Consciousness. Mindfulness can Bring us Back always to the Present Moment where it is Supposed (also according to the Physical Law of Special Relativity) that we Owe all the Elements we Need to Overcome at Best our Limiting Perception of Reality and Beliefs that could Obstacle our Optimal Flow State, Empowering our Awareness for guiding us to find the “Right” Direction and our Personal Answers related to our Personal and Spiritual Growth.

5 Minutes Meditation for Enhancing Awareness

Here a very Simple Mindfulness Meditation to Practice everyday to Enhance our Awareness without fixing any Purpose: just Being.

It is Possible to Practice this Exercise everyday also for one Minute/Day. I Suggest You to Start to Practice it at least 5 Minutes/Day as Routine and to Extend the Time Step by Step according to your Personal Daily Life Schedules.

Choose a Place where to Practice your Meditation (In Could Be a Chair, a Yoga Mat, a Meditation Cushion, a Room, or a Special Place in the Nature) and Set a Timer.

Sit comfortable and just Listen and Observe to your Breath (without Modulate it) and what Goes on in your Thoughts: Just Stay without the Intention to Enhance Directly your Awareness, don’t Practice any Effort except on the Intent and the Will to Stay, Observing your Thoughts. 

Doing this, the Belief that you can Develop a new Perception of Reality, that is different from your Thoughts is automatically Strengthened. It Become a Natural Process that Flourishes in your Mind and that Spread its Power to your Body, programming your Cells with Fresh Informations about the Here and Now.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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