10 Precious Advises about Meditation by Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been called the “Sleeping Prophet” and for many he is considered the “Father of Holistic Medicine”. Since he was a child he was able to see and talk to his late Grandfather’s spirit and often played and communicate with “imaginary friends” whom he said were “Spirits on the other side” and Spirit Guides.

He has been photographer for many years (because it was an occupation that would exert less his voice) and he changed (later in the years) and decided to dedicate his life to help people and divulge spiritual teachings.

I feel deeper in resonance with Edgar Cayce. Our lives share many similitudes and I have recently discovered (In the last years) his guidance in my life. I feel very honored of his presence close to me and immensely grateful to him.

Often Edgar Cayce, as Spirit Guide and meditation teacher, invites me to spend time in edifyng meditations and contemplations of all that is around me in a determined moment.

The development of a vivid inner and outer vision also about our surrounding into our daily life is a focal point of his teachings.

“Meditation is listening to the Divine within.” Edgar Cayce

10 Suggestions and Advices about Meditation by Edgar Cayce

  1. Meditation is the attuning of the mental and physical body to our spiritual source. Before every meditation quiet yourself mentally.
  2. Cleanse the inner room of your mind. No unkind thoughts are allowed. If they arrive simply “open the window” and let them go.
  3. Use Meditation to send out thoughs of light and positive energies to the world.
  4. Make a personal prayer/ meditation list. Take time to hold in the light people who have asked for your prayers or given you permission to pray/meditate for them.
  5. Meditation is not musing, not daydreaming, but as you find your bodies made up of the physical, mental and spiritual, it is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source.
  6. Remember that meditation is helpful to builds a protective barriers around yourself against harmful and negative forces
  7. Coordinate the teachings, the philosophies of the east with the philosophies of the west. correlate not the differences, but where all the philosophies meet.
  8. Constant communication with God and the universal creative force through meditation will result in positive spiritual guidance.
  9. Meditation is the way to at-one-ment with God and universal creative force. You will know within yourself when you are in an at-one-ment with God and the universal creative force.
  10. During Meditation, you can increase the spiritual forces taking place within your Inner self. This is necessary to help you attune and become one with the creative force. Raise these spiritual forces in yourself and you will enter the presence of your higher consciousness, increasing step by step your levels of awareness.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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