10 Powerful Resources for Cognitive Control and Positive States of Mind Enhancement

The Human Brain is capable of some Astonishing Feats. But its Evolutionary History has left it susceptible to Natural Negative Frequencies and States of Mind that can Generate Distractions and Interruptions along an Optimal Flow Experience. Such Interferences stop us reaching our Goals as quickly and efficiently as we would like. Luckily, there are Solutions to Train our Brain to be at Best and improve our Cognitive Control in the Short Term.

The Brain is Plastic, that means it’s Able to constantly Change its own Structure, Physiology and Chemistry. Consequently, many Scientists Think the Brain’s Cognitive Control can be Enhanced and Mental Strength Requires that you Continue building new Functional Neural Pathways by Develop a Positive Mindset.

There are Several Ways to Change our Brain and Switch from a Negative Thoughts Focused Modality to a Positive, Fuctional and Productive one. The most Effective Methods in the Short Run are very Simple and they are: Physical Activity, Breathing Exercises, Better Idratation and Fasting, Meditation Practice, more Intimacy into the Relationship and with Yourself, Positive Affirmations, Reading, more Time in the Nature and the Development of a Healthy Daily Routine.

Make the Switch with these 10 Actionable Advices.

Practice Physical Activity. It’s well known that Physical Exercises (as Run, Aerobic Activity, Power Walk, etc) Improve Physical and Mental Health, but it’s also been shown to induce Neural Changes that Boost Cognitive control Working on Brain Chemistry and Oxygenation in a very brief Time. In Fact from the First Session is possible to Enjoy of a Better State of Mind given the Immediate Release of Dopamine, a key Neurotransmitter in the Brain that Boosts the Mood and Regulates Cognitive Fuctions and Attention.

Enhance your Breathing with Specific Exercises. Our Breath is very Powerful and if we Learn to use it at Best it can become an Important Instrument to Improve our Physical and Mental Health. During the Simple and Vital Act of Breathing we Introduce Fuel (Oxygen) for our Body, Organs, Brain and Cognitive Functions, we release Toxins from our Cells, we Regularize Oxytocin, Dopamine and Serotonin Levels in our Organism and we Absorb Prana (Vital Energy) from the Environment. Practicing Specific Breathing Exercises as Breathing Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana Meditation or Circular Connected Breathing (a Breathing Technique without Pauses between Inspiration and Expiration) we can Control and Regularize on Demand the Effects of the Breath Modulation on our Organism and Control the Quantity of Oxygen and Energy Introduced in our Body and its Effects.

Drink more Water and Practice a Intermittent Fasting. Aspects of Cognitive Function (as for Example Concentration, Alertness, Short-Term Memory, and Psychomotor Skills) have been shown to be Altered with mild Dehydration in Adults and Children. Maintaining an Appropriate Level of Hydration has been found to Prevent Decreases in Cognitive Performance when Performing various Cognitive Tasks. Our Brain is dependent on Fluids to work Properly. The Synapses and Neurons need Liquid to Fire Properly. According to a Research in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one of the most Reliable Predictors of Decline in Cognitive Performance is Dehydration and a lack of Cells Detoxification.

Also a short Periods of Fasting help our Cells to Detox and Empower Cognitive Fuctions. According to Dr Mark Mattson, a Professor of Neurology at John Hopkins University, Fasting has been shown to Increase Tates of Neurogenesis in the Brain. Neurogenesis is the Growth and Development of new Brain Cells and Nerve Tissues. Higher rates of Neurogenesis are linked increase Brain Performance, Memory, Mood, and Focus.

Practice Meditation. It’s not only Physical and Cognitive Exercises that help us to Mitigate the Brain’s Cognitive disfunctional Mindsets.

Meditation has been proven to Improve Cognitive Control and a Positive Mindset in very Restricted Periods of Practice. You might Want to Consider a Weekend of Meditation Retreat in a Monastery, in a Meditation Center or Making Time in your Daily Life for Mediation Practice on a Regular Basis for Long-Term Benefits and a Better Lifestyle. There are many kind of Meditation, personally I suggest to Learn and Practice Mindfulness Meditation that it’s Functional to build a Healthy Lifestyle given that it is easily Integrable in many Simple Daily Activities.

Develop more Intimacy into your Relationship. Here is how your Partner can Help you to Improve your Positive State of Mind. Schedule a Journey or a Romantic Weekend with your Beloved One and Refill each other of Cares, Positive Emotional Energy and Cuddles Generating an healthy Extra Dose of Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a Powerful Hormone that acts as a Neurotransmitter in the Brain and it’s often called the “Love Hormone” because it’s Released by both Men and Women during Moments of Care, Love sharing and during Orgasm. This Feel-Good Brain Chemical Strengthens Positive Personality traits such as Warmth, Trust, Altruism, Openness, and Generosity, and Help to Reason and Think Better.

Develop more Intimacy with yourself. If you are not in a Love Relationship, don’t Worry. You can be in a Healthy Love Relationship with Yourself. In Fact it is Possible to Boost Oxytocin Levels in the Blood taking Care of our Body, spending a Lazy Day on the Sofa or in the Bed under the Blankets Reading or Listening to our Favorite Music or generating Peak Release of Oxytocin, Dopamine and Prolactin (Hormone that helps our Brain the release of Dopamine) practicing Masturbation. Is well known that Sex Activity (where Masturbation is Included) Improves our Cognitive Performances and According to Researches done at the University of Maryland, regular Sexual Activity Stimulates Neurogenesis, the Brain’s Process of Creating new Neurons. If you are not Experienced in Masturbation I suggest you to buy some Stimulating Gadget and a Book with Instructions on Amazon.com (there are many typologies for Men and for Women). During Your Personal Sex Practice use your Fantasy or Stimulating Rhythmic Music (Special Binaural Sounds that creates Excitement) but avoid Pornography. In Fact, According to Researches from University of Texas, People who had Pornography Addictions (Need of Strong and Explicit Visive Sexual Stimulis) can Generate Negative and Pathological Changes to the Brain Creating a Possible Progressive Decrease of Cognitive Fuctions.

Read more about your Interests helps to Relax and Empower our Focus overall during Moments of Lack of Concentration and Lost of Willingness. When someone has an Interest in something it becomes Easy and even Enjoyable to Read and Learn about that Specific Topic and to Create a Useful Break from a Sense of Duty. Personally my favorite Topics are all concern Metaphysic, Personal Develpment, Self-Help, Neurosciences, Mystic, Spirituality and Art, but you can Find your Favorite Arguments and Create a Personal Reading List for those Moments during which you Need to take Control on your Cognitive Functions. Always look for new Interests to Engage your Mind, Expand your Cognitive Horizons. Developing Mental Strength is a Work in Progress as Learning.

Use Positive Affirmations. Try using Affirmations as a way to Synthesize Brain to Positive Frequencies and to retrain Mindset to be more Positive. Otherwise, for Creating Short-Terms Benefits, it’s Functional to Find Affirmations that Fit the Positive Thoughts that are in line with our Beliefs. However, using Affirmations that are outside our normal Thinking Process, if well Formulated and Integrable, It could help to open our Mind to new Ideas and Beliefs. To Create a Concrete Shift it Necessary to Repeat Affirmations as often as possible during the Day, or at least in the Morning and in the Evening before going to Bed.

Spend more Time in the Nature. It’s widely Known and Scientifically Studied the Restorative Powers of spending time in Natural Environments. Benefits of Spending Time in Nature include Stress Reduction, Improved Mood, Increased Spirituality, and Enhanced Positive Thinking and Reasoning Abilities. Recently Studies Published by Hearth Math Institute of California and others published on Environmental Science & Technology Journal that Nature have argued about how Nature helps to Empower also Cognitive Fuctions and a Better Relationship with ourselves.

Start to Develop an Effective and Healthy Daily Routine. Concluding the last Tip is to Build an Effective Daily Routine Starting from some of the Activities Mentioned in this Article. Healthy and Positive Habits Improve Cognitive Functions and Protect the Brain against Negative Habits, Mental Interferences and Cognitive Decline that can occur at any Age. Overall Morning Routine can significantly Boost our Positive Mindset and Developing the Functional Habits to Follow each Day will Operate a further Peak Mental Performance as Result.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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