10 Inspirational Quotes about Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

Challenging situations in our life are inevitable. Life is an uni-versal ocean where we have to learn to swim in. We should Stop to think about problem as static heavy burdens that we are carrying on our shoulders during our existence, but rather as important opportunities of growth and personal development.

Be inspired by this selection of “food for thought” about problem solving, decision making and creative thinking. Reflect on the following quotes:

“The One Common Experience of all Humanity is the Challenge of Problems.” 

Richard Buckminster Fuller, American Author, Inventor and Futurist Architect

”Integrity is the Essence of Everything Successful.”

Richard Buckminster Fuller, American Author, Inventor and Futurist Architect

“Intellectuals Solve Problems; Geniuses Prevent them.” 

Albert Einstein, Physicist and Nobel Laureate

“We cannot Solve our Problems with the same Thinking we used when we Created them.” 

Albert Einstein, Physicist and Nobel Laureate

“There is always an easy Solution to every Human Problem, neat, Plausible, and Wrong.” 

Henry Louis Mencken , Journalist, Essayist and Cultural Critic

“Every Problem is a Gift, without Problems we would not Grow”

Tony Robbins, Best-Selling Author, Life Coach, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

“When People are asked to Choose from a List the Best Description of how they Feel when doing whatever they Enjoy Doing most: Reading, Climbing Mountains, Playing Chess, whatever the Answer most frequently Chosen is ‘Designing or Discovering something New’.” 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Hungarian-American Psychologist and Author

“Each Problem has Hidden in it an Opportunity so Powerful that it literally dwarfs the Problem. The Greatest Success Stories were Created by People who Recognized a Problem and turned it into an Opportunity.” 

Joseph Sugarman, American Author, Electrical Engineer, Marketing Innovator

“The Problem Contains the Solution.”

Michael Bierut, Graphic Designer, Design Critic, Educator

“To Solve any Problem, here are Three Questions to ask Yourself: First, what could I Do? Second, what could I Read? And Third, Who could I Ask?”

Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Author: Cristina Capucci

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